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DCS5 Quilted Maple

DC4 Walnut Burl

DCS5 Quilted Maple A.B. Quintanilla Signature

DC4 Quilted Sapele

DC5F Figured Purpleheart

DC5 Buckeye Burl

DC5 Pink Ivory

DCS4 Olive

DC4 Ziricote

DC5 Cocobolo

SC5F Quilted Redwood
(in progress)

DC5F Curly Buckeye

SC5 Buckeye Burl

SC6F Buckeye Burl

DCS4 Flame Maple / Bloodwood

DCS4 Walnut Burl

DC6 Ebony
Jon Stockman Signature

DC5 Curly French Walnut

DC5 Wenge

DCS4 Quilted Maple
(pictures coming soon)

SC9 Buckeye Burl
(pictures coming soon)

DCS4 Koa

DCS5 Camphor Burl

DCS4 Figured Myrtle

DCS4 Waterfall Bubinga

DC5 Chestnut Burl

SC5 Flame Maple

DC5 Black Poplar Burl
Tye Zamora Signature

DCS6 Macassar Ebony

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DC5S Camphor Burl

DC5S Curly Buckeye

DC5S Quilted Maple

DC5S Maidou Burl

DCS4 Buckeye Burl

DCS6 Pale Moon Ebony

DCS5 Poplar Burl

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